How to Upload Foreign Exchange Rates, Reference Interest Rates, Securities Prices into SAP using Excel

With this I am starting to put on blog the little I know about SAP especially the SAP Treasury module. I shall not always be putting detailed documents like the one below. I shall be happy if one person finds the information useful.

The upload of the foreign exchange rates, reference interest rates are made very simple and easy, if you use the SAP Excel upload program. The steps to execute the upload are given below.

Step 1:

Access the transaction through the following menu path in the SAP Easy Access Menu or Transaction Code TBEX

Step 2:

If you are doing the upload for the first time, you create the initial excel template as explained in this step and then proceed to step 3. For subsequent uploads, you can skip this step and continue from step 3 onwards.

On execution of the transaction code in step 1, the following screen appears:

Clicking on the button would bring the following screen with the spreadsheet template for foreign currency upload with the currencies from the currency rates table.

As you can see, the system automatically creates the correct template for currency upload and the excel sheet is populated with the entries from the Currency Rates table.

You can save the spreadsheet by clicking on the save button.

You can exit the screen by function key F3. If you have already saved the file, then you can click no the warning message which comes up

If you want to create the template for ‘security’ prices upload, then you can select the ‘securities’ check box as shown below:

This will create the excel sheet as shown below:

Step 3:

Either, you can enter the exchange rates on the value column directly in the displayed excel sheet or if you are dealing only in a few currencies, then you can delete the entries from the saved excel file and manually enter the rates and the other information for the relevant currencies. An altered file might look like this:



Note that the saved excel file will have the correct formats already set and need not be changed. Data needs to be in the above format.

The class field should have the value ’01’ and not ‘1’. The class field specifies whether the upload is a forex rate upload, securities price upload (category 02), reference interest rates (category 03) etc.

We shall come to the status and error messages later. These fields are automatically updated by SAP once the upload is completed.

Please note that only a maximum of 1000 entries can be uploaded at a time.

Step 4:

If you had prepared the upload file as in 3 above separately, then go to the upload transaction either through the menu path or the Tcode mentioned in step 1.


The Excel sheet which needs to be uploaded is displayed in the spreadsheet tab as below:


On clicking the upload tab, the data is uploaded into the system and the system automatically updates the excel file with the status as shown below:


Thus, the upload file will have the status of the upload and the file can be saved by clicking on the button on the menu bar.

The Exchange Rate table after the upload is shown below:

If for example, the upload has an error, then the system updates the file with the details of the error. Below is an upload file with the currency entered as ‘INRR’ instead of INR and the same is uploaded.


After upload, the system updates the excel file with the status message as shown below:


Please ensure that the Excel file should not be open while you are uploading or saving the file from SAP to avoid errors in SAP.

Further information on using File Transfer for Import of Market Data is available in the documentation for program RFTBFF00. This can be accessed through Tcode SE38 and displaying the documentation for the above program.

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